If you should decide to move forward with your At Home designer, keep an eye out for your contract, which will describe in detail the Interior Design Fee and ordering procedures. Once payment for the Interior Design Services Fee is received, the fun and work on your design begins! You will now schedule your programming meeting with your At Home designer in your home.

Before your programming meeting, you will complete a detailed questionnaire about your style, color, textile and finish preferences, as well functional needs for your space. If you are unsure of any of these questions, don’t worry! These details will all be worked out at this meeting. Of course, Pinterest and Houzz boards, magazine and website images, and any other inspirations you’ve collected are welcomed and encouraged! Most importantly, be prepared to provide a realistic budget for your project.

You and your At Home designer will look at your inspirations, determine the stylistic direction of your project and the scope, as well as the furnishings budget, ordering preferences, and timeline. Your designer will take pictures and measurements of each space, and take inventory of existing furnishings.


Within a week, your At Home designer will present your designs to you. Your “roadmap to interior design success” will include a space plan and tear sheets of the details and furnishings needed to transform your space.

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Once your At Home designer has provided you with your “road map to interior design success” you can choose to implement the design on your own through valued retail sources. Your presentation will include all of the information needed on where to order your furnishings and the retail cost. With this option the implementation and installation is in your court, resulting in a swifter turn-around time. This is where your project concludes with your At Home designer. Of course, if you are as addicted to interior design as we are, we hope you’ll be back in touch!
Duet Design At Home is happy to assist in the ordering process through our valued retail sources. Additional hours (a minimum of three (3) hours) can be purchased for the ordering service. Once the orders have been placed, all stock and delivery correspondence will be forwarded to you from your At Home designer. The receiving, installation and implementation of your design is up to you, of course, and again, this is where your project concludes with your At Home designer. Please note: A minimum of eight (8) hours at $125.00 per hour, secured at the initial consultation, is required to be eligible for any designer discounts of purchased items.
If your budget and design swagger calls for more customized furnishings, Duet Design Group’s in-house purchasing department can order and install these selections on your behalf. These sources could include both retail as well as wholesale vendors. This route may take a bit longer. This customized service is available to you at our trade cost plus a 35% mark-up on all goods. This mark-up includes all costs associated with the ordering and installation of furnishings, and each project requires special consideration.

Duet Design At Home designers LOVE TO SHOP! Additional hours may be purchased for your designers to shop locally with you or for you to help complete your new space!

If you should choose to order, install or implement the design on your own, Duet Design At Home will not be responsible for delays in shipments, discontinued or out-of-stock items, or delivery of damaged goods. If a re-design is needed because selections are discontinued or out-of-stock, additional hours may be purchased to resolve these issues.

Duet Design At Home designers are not available to move existing furnishings, hang artwork, paint walls, or perform repairs.

Duet Design At Home does not have access to discounted pricing on any fixed finish selections such as tile, carpet, or hard surface selections.

Duet Design At Home designers will not provide construction management or the purchasing of fixed finishes, such as tile, flooring, wall-to- wall carpet, or plumbing fixtures.

A note about window treatments: Duet Design At Home is happy to advise you on this important design detail. We will recommend fabric and treatment selections. However, measurements, fabrication, and installation are in your court.

Duet Design At Home designers will refrain from recommending craftsman, tradesman, fabricators, and builders. We believe that the best recommendations for these services come from the people you know, Angie’s list, YELP, and a tried and true Google search.